Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Gardening Scotland was wonderful. Saturday and Sunday didn’t quite have the soaring temperatures of Friday but the Floral Hall and Craft Marquee provided a welcome shelter from the chill (for those of us who had forgotten to check the weather forecast and came dressed for sun).

The Caley stand in the Floral Hall was busy; budding horticulturalists were assisted by volunteers to grow something for themselves and for those of us with older green fingers there were plenty of opportunities to learn more about the Caley, both from the exhibits and able assistants.

Budding Horticulturalist

Lettuce or sunflower.... mine's a lettuce!

There were a huge number of other exhibitors in the Floral Hall, including a large collection of inspirational bonsai of various disciplines from the Scottish Bonsai Association and a prize winning exhibit of vegetables.

Vegetables Exhibit at Gardening Scotland

Dig For Victory!

Not all of the exhibits were quite so palatable however…


Not so inclined to try and eat these!

Further posts to follow, including some pictures of the College gardens and some more from the Floral Hall.

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1 Response to Flowers, flowers everywhere!

  1. Pam says:

    Thank you to all the many Caley volunteers who help to make Gardening Scotland a success.

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