Veg Parade

Some of you may have seen that in the Allotment Blog on the Caley web-site Moira is talking about showing carrots at local shows in the next few weeks.’s

This has left me puzzling about what you do to a carrot to enter it into a show.

  • What  should it look like?
  • What will the judges be looking for?
  • Do they all have to be the same size?
  • I assume you would wash them but do you cut off all the greenery or do you leave a little tuft at the top?

So many questions!

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1 Response to Veg Parade

  1. George Anderson says:

    I have the same dilema, What to do. However the first thing to do really is look at the Schedule for the Show that you are going to exhibit in. Often there will be info on what to do when preparing your exhibit. With carrots they ought to be free from disease (and Carrot fly) of good quality and evenly sized. Some cultivars are smoother skinned than others so always look to select the best varieties from the start. Try to lift them without breaking the tap roots and give them a wash in cold water using a soft sponge to remove all dirt/ soil. ( I use one of those soft pot scourers with sponge on one side and the scouring pad on the other). Keep the tops on and cut them back to 4-5 inches (100 MM +) and tie in with raffia or similar material. Remember they have to look good and well cared for. The judges will look for good colour and quality, evenness across the sample, clean and disease and pest free carrots. Good Luck!

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