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For the last few days visitors to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with the support of Caley members, have been enjoying the fruits of apple trees.  Tasting, identifying and even drinking! Often apple-days seem to focus on delicious apples that people … Continue reading

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Greenhouse debate, amongst other things…

The editor’s garden (and house) are finally, it seems, going to be sold.  Just before we get to the really cold stuff, we should be moving to a new and larger garden.  It’s not big, its still a town garden … Continue reading

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Ironically, about a Gent called Ian…

I see from the Caley website that Beryl and Ian McNaughton of Macplants have been awarded the George Forrest Medal for the Caley Gentian.  Gentiana ‘The Caley’ was developed by Ian McNaughton to celebrate the Caley’s bicentenary. I know what a Gentian is … Continue reading

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