Snowdrop envy?

Many of us have now seen the first snow of the winter and, after a relatively mild November, it is quite a shock to the system.  But spare a thought for those plants who may have been fooled by the mild weather!

In the President’s North West facing garden (220m above sea-level) she has flowers that really can’t tell the time.

Rosy from the cold

Rosy from the cold

It might not be unheard of in Edinburgh or the West of Scotland but for Narcissus Spring Dawn, Primula vulgaris and Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Rubra’ to be in flower there is really quite exceptional!

Wet-nose and very cold

Wet-nose and very cold.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with snow...WINTER!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with snow...WINTER!

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4 Responses to Snowdrop envy?

  1. Old Dutch says:

    Re. Gorse: The wild ponies in the New Forest made full use of the young shoots of gorse when the grazing was poor and did a great job of pruning.

  2. Stan da Prato says:

    The Caledonian Gardener which members will receive after the AGM on 6th March has an article on Scottish snowdrops by Ian Christie. One of the new varities featured is Galanthus woronowii Elizabeth Harrison found by Ian in the Harrisons’ Perthshire garden a few years ago – it is unusual in that it has prominent yellow markings. Ian has just sold one bulb on ebay on behalf of the Harrisons for a world record price of £725. The buyer is Thompson & Morgan who plan to propagate it by tissue culture. They say they did the same for a ‘black’ hyacinth which they bought for £50,000 and which has taken 15 years to increase. It is now too late to update the text of the article which gives the previous record price for a snowdrop as last year’s Green Tear from England which went for over £300.

  3. George Anderson says:

    All I can say is Well Done Ian

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