Look how green and lush….

The sky may be grey but the path approaching the John Hope Gateway at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh looks good. I wish I had time to go and see it!

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1 Response to Look how green and lush….

  1. playpitspark says:

    I didn’t really have time to see it either. I was there for other reasons. I parked outside, walked up to the cafe for a coffee and sandwich and took the photograph on the way. I came out 30 minutes later to see a parking attendant noting down the details of my licence – I had forgotten it was a metered zone. ‘That must be the most expensive cup of coffee ever,’ I said to him as I got close. ‘I know that if get in and drive away before you put the ticket on my windscreen, then I won’t have to pay.’ I said it with a smile. He said, ‘If you drive away now, I’ll forget you were ever here.’
    Nice man.
    Just as well I didn’t have time to look around the gardens.

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