Two days later….

Just two days after the Caley visit to the President’s garden there is a lake in the field across the road (but fortunately not in the President’s garden.)

However, the Whitmuir wildflower walk where Caley visitors strolled became a stream with an 8″ depth of water. The road between the farm and Romanno Bridge is now closed!

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2 Responses to Two days later….

  1. Old Dutch says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to see the floods at Whitmuir after so much hard work has been done. The Caley group was so blessed to be there on Wed.
    Re. large hole at the allotment, could it be a badger? They are fearsome diggers as we have witnessed at RBGE.

  2. P says:

    We will get a revised picture up this week about Whitmuir. The bridge and the top pond are fine and no doubt the flowers etc will come through ok.

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