A relaxed day on the allotment.

Warm and overcast today and the team enjoyed a more relaxed time you on the allotment. All the sowing and planting has been done so all that needs to be done is to continue to try to keep the weeds at bay and keep the grass cut. The apples were netted to protect them from the crows. The netting was taken down from the fruit cage since the fruit has been picked already and the local birds have learned how to make holes in it to get in, but have not worked out how to get out again. The broad beans and the first of the peas are ready for picking, the courgettes are fruiting and plenty of rasps are ready, most going for making jam for the Open Day.

Mystery solved: We had been puzzling over what was eating the tops out of the netted onions and today we saw the culprit – a slug climbing the netting and reaching down through the holes to eat the topmost leaves.
Jobs for next week: Still more weeding! Plant the bulbs

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1 Response to A relaxed day on the allotment.

  1. P says:

    Just curious – but what bulbs are you planting next week?

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