‘The Caley’ wins another award!

It is really good to see that Caley members, Ian and Beryl McNaughton, who are both holders of the coveted Dr Patrick Neil Medal, have notched up another award for the Gentian bred by Ian to commemorate the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society bi-centenary.  The Gentian has been awarded a Preliminary Commendation Certificate by the Joint  Rock Garden  Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society, Alpine Garden Society and Scottish Rock Garden Club at the joint SRGC/AGS show in Ponteland in October. This is a first step towards awards such as the Award of Garden Merit etc. And another award to go alongside the Scottish Rock Garden Club award of the  George Forrest Medal already awarded to Gentiana ‘The Caley’. But to cap it all they were also awarded a Preliminary Commendation Certificate for another Gentian, this time a white one called ‘Oban’.

I know quite a few members have ‘The Caley’ in their garden, as does the President!  But she hasn’t got hold of ‘Oban’ yet.  (I am sure it will be added to her shopping list.) It is very hardy and thrives well even in not ideal conditions.

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