Week one – George Anderson prepares for the Spring Show

There are a number of brave plants trying their best to flower and raise the spirits but there was sleet and a gale as George settled down to start his first post on preparing for the Spring Show. But Daphne Jacqueline Postill, Iris Katharine Hodgkin and various snowdrops are all in bloom and one of his earliest daffodils, Surfside, has already has pushed up its flower shoots to some 6 inches above soil level. N. SurfisdeSo the 2013 season is just about to move into gear.


The preparations for The Caley Spring Show 2013 starts now with the bulbs daffs, tulips and hyacinths out of the plunge and sitting below the environ mesh shelter.Bulbs under enviromesh
They are looking reasonably well having been  removed from the plunge on 25th January when he returned from holiday.Under the mess

George had used some half rotted leaves to act as the separation layer between the bulbs and the material used to fill the plunge. Where there was a thick layer of leaves some of the bulb shoots have had a bit of a job trying to push through into the light and so have ended up a bit squint. In areas where the layer was thinner they were generally able to grow through and so have straighter stems and leaves at this stage.

His daffodils are a selection from Scamp, Taylors and Ringhaddy and will also include the range planted on the Caley Bulb Workshop.

George will try to write a small piece each week between now and the middle of March when the first shows are due so that you can all chart your bulbs progress and get them prepared for The Caley Spring Show on 23rd and 24th March.

After lifting the pots from the plunge he has just set out the pots in full light but not watered them. He will start feeding with a liquid fertilizer immediately the leaves have greened up and will make sure that the pots do not dry out at any stage.

Remember that many spring flowering bulbs such as narcissus start into growth and flower as the spring snow melts and recedes. They can therefore take a lot of water and grow at low temperatures. By adding nutrients to any water he is replicating the conditions they might enjoy in nature.

Moderate temperatures, sunlight, water and dilute liquid feed are all that the bulbs desire. But more on that as things progress!

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