Week two – George Anderson prepares for the Spring Show

George’s bulb blog:   The Caley bulbs were taken out of the plunge on Saturday and have now been cleaned up. The surplus soil / plunge compost has been tickled off the top of the pots so that there is space for watering. They have been set out on the South side of the house to catch the sun and start to green up and settle down. The pots are very wet and so I will not be watering them for the next week. By that time they will have dried out sufficiently for me to have some control over their growth.  The grid lines on the board are set out at 3″ intervals from pot level and I will try to photograph them from the same position each week.Bulbs from the Workshop (February 9th)

The bulbs in the tunnel area are starting to green up well now and I will start feeding them soon. They have had a full two weeks to dry out and now I can have more control over their watering and subsequent growth.

In the garden many of the other planted daffodils and tulips are starting to show through the soil. I have some daffodils showing flower buds already. They are almost at the same stage as this time last year. There is some snow and cold forecast for his coming week and so I suspect there will be little growth to show come next Sunday.

Only 6 weeks until the Caley Show!!

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1 Response to Week two – George Anderson prepares for the Spring Show

  1. Old Dutch says:

    Bulbs in pots are coming on in my cold, exposed, north-facing garden but they have no flowers yet. Snowdrops in the border just in flower but not ‘Sam Arnott’ yet – my favourite, also Hellebore x eric smithii, ex. Binny. Friend with a small suburban front garden up at Greenbank, has a lot of colour already. Hamamelis, Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’, hellebores, snowdrops and irises, all in flower.

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