Caledonian Master Gardener

The Caledonian Master Gardener Programme is an innovative training and accreditation programme for Scottish gardeners with an interest and commitment to the promotion of gardening skills and horticultural knowledge through volunteering.

The programme is led by the Caley with the support of others.  The Caledonian Master Gardener Programme consists of fourteen class based modules, including soil science, botany, pruning and propagation conducted by industry professionals, plus 60 hours of approved volunteer activities.

This programme is unique.  Unique to Scotland.  Unique in that it is being developed in association with the Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association.  Unique as every Trainee Master Gardener will have the opportunity to experience a range of different horticultural settings:  an urban setting, horticulture within a Zoo, a botanic garden and a successful specialist retail nursery.

2013 is a pilot year and numbers are strictly limited.  Costs are being kept to a minimum.  There is a non refundable fee of £5 and the course costs £400 for a full year or 10 monthly payments of £41.50 if paid by standing order.

To find out more about contact

Applications for this session need to be submitted by March 17th 2013

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