Week Four – George Anderson prepares for the Spring Show

While it has been cool this week, well actually very cold in some areas, there has been a fair bit of sunshine. As a consequence the foliage of the Caley Bulbs removed from the plunge two weeks ago have now greened up fairly well even if the hyacinth foliage has shades of purple and dark red in it (an indication of just how cold it has been). Caley bulbs 23rd FebruaryI gave them their second feed today, a dilute solution of high potash liquid fertiliser. Because I would like things to be further advanced, the pots have been moved into the poly tunnel for the next week. They will be assessed next weekend and if growing too quickly will be moved outside again.

If you look at the picture of the Caley Bulbs you will see that the tulip is well advanced and one of the flowers is showing colour. I have moved it to the north side of the house out of the sun and into the cold to keep it back.

The bulbs in the polytunnel - exposed!

The bulbs in the tunnel are growing on well and some of them are just perhaps a bit too far advancedBulbs in the warm corner

so I have moved them out into the warm corner on the south side of the house where they will get the sun but be slightly cooler than they were in the tunnel.

The Hyacinths in the tunnel are doing well , the buds are well out of the bulb and starting to show some slight colour. They have a long way to go yet and so I am quite happy to keep them growing on at the moment. Once they are showing colour and are well advanced I will cool them down. Inside the polytunnel February 23rd

The Amaryllis inside are still doing well. No photo this week but you will see them next week!

Only 4weeks to go so it will soon be time for a hurry up.

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