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What has been happening on the allotment?

The freezing weather and snow on the ground has meant little has been done on the allotment this month apart from some maintenance work. The soil is cold and wet with the spring plantings delayed so the first sowings including … Continue reading

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Question time in North Berwick….

Anyone in or around North Berwick who wants information about showing or any other garden questions can ask George Anderson,  Beryl McNaughton and Stan da Prato at  a charity gardeners’  question time in North Berwick on Thursday 4 April at … Continue reading

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George’s thoughts on the Caley Spring Show!

It is good to have the house back to normal. It is also good to be able to relax and not be on the edge of my seat trying to get flowers ready for the show. It has been a … Continue reading

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Do you want to know how George got on at the show?

The judging took place yesterday before the show opened at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Fletcher Building).  We are open again this afternoon so, if you can’t wait to find out how George Anderson got on.  Do come and visit … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes!

Geroge picked a few Ice Follies at the gooseneck stage on Monday morning Hey presto – Tuesday morning What a difference a day makes!  

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George Anderson’s update on the Monday before the show (or should that say snow!)

More snow forecast!!  The snow threatened for the weekend did not materialise but there is some due today (Monday) and Tuesday. It is too dangerous to leave the pots of new blooms outside and so the tunnel has been packed … Continue reading

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Supplement blog – hurrying things along!

These buds were picked at 0900 this morning and were put  in water and sat in the lounge. The second photo taken at 1500 shows how they have swollen and started to show colour. By tomorrow  they should be out. … Continue reading

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