George Anderson’s update on the Monday before the show (or should that say snow!)

More snow forecast!!  The snow threatened for the weekend did not materialise but there is some due today (Monday) and Tuesday. It is too dangerous to leave the pots of new blooms outside and so the tunnel has been packed with as many as it will take. The consequence of this is that the stems are likely to become a bit thinner and rather elongated due to the increased shade and competition for light. Because the flower stems are so tall I will have to watch that the petals do not start to rub against the inside of the poly sheeting and become damaged in the wind. There are gales forecast too!!Polytunnel blooms

I have kept up the watering and the ones that have been brought into the heat have had double rations. There are some cultivars that have responded well to my attempts to get them to hurry up and so now I have the dilemma of trying to hold the blooms in good condition until Saturday (well Friday evening) .Pots inside the house

Daffs in full bloom will keep for about two to three weeks in good condition if kept cool and standing in fresh water. I have even heard of growers keeping their prize blooms in the fridge. Between shows!! So cool and fresh is the answer for keeping open flowers in good nick.

Sportsman Arkle and Jersey Roundabout

Where pots of bulbs have reached peak condition keep them cool also and stand them in a sheltered cool corner of the garden away from the sun and make sure that there is nothing within touching distance of the flowers to prevent them from abrasion injury. It never fails to amaze me just how often the prize bloom has managed to find a cane, stem, fence or poly sheet to rub against. A number of years ago I used beech twigs to stake pots of daffs and it was annoying just how often the sharp pointed buds of the beech had managed to puncture the petals even when the pots were inside and out of the wind.Surfside Tulip and Hyacinth

I will take some blooms along to The Caley meeting Tuesday evening to go over some basics on preparing cut flowers and pots for the show. Ian Young from Aberdeen is our speaker for the evening and is talking on Bulbs for the Garden so it all fits.

See you tomorrow night or on Friday evening at the show venue when help will be available to all that need assistance with staging their exhibits.

Good luck and stay warm

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1 Response to George Anderson’s update on the Monday before the show (or should that say snow!)

  1. Pam says:

    Plenty of snow where I am. But the pots are all safely undercover – just hoping the snow eases off soon!

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