The allotment goes international!

Thursday was a warm, bright day though the wind got up which made putting up the netting a little difficult.

The Japanese vegetables were planted out and covered with fleece to ease them into the more open situation at the site and that is the plot fully planted up now. The leeks are still to be put in but being planted out in the frame at the moment to go into their final position once the early potatoes are dug up.

The comfrey had its first cut of the season and the leaves were added to the compost heap.Cutting the comfrey The beetroot were thinned out but germination seems very slow on the succession sowing, wondering if the rabbits have started adding these to their diet now, so they were netted too leaving the potatoes as the only veg now not covered in netting.

We netted the redcurrants which are beginning to show signs of changing colour and the blackcurrants to make sure we get the fruit and not the birds. The peas are growing well and were staked, and of course the weeding never stops, particularly at this time of the year.

Biochar trial
The salads in the pallets were thinned out and the radishes from the Biochar bed were bigger than from the non-biochar bed.Biochar pallets 13th June
In the main beds the potatoes are now showing better growth in the Biochar bed.

Jobs for next week: Check the beetroot for succession sowing; Watering tubs and strawberry beds; Weeding including the Biochar bed.

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