Bulb planting at the Workshop

Saturday a group of Caley members and friends planted bulbs to be plunged at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.Potting up 2013

Each of was able to plant four different Daffodils, one pot of Tulips and a pot of Hyacinths.  This should allow quite a few options for entering the show.  Plus two of the daffodils are also Irish Bred so might also be a possibility for the Ringhaddy Challenge.

Narcissus ‘Goldfinger’ (Div. 1),
Narcissus ‘Fragrant Rose’ (Div 2),
Narcissus ‘John Daniel’ (Div 4 Double)
Narcissus ’Emcys’ (Div 6 Cyclamineus)

Hyacinth ‘Fondant’ (soft pink)
Tulip ‘Donna Bella’ (Gregii type)

Plunging the pots at the Botanics 2013As you can see we were lucky with the weather!  Not a spot of rain while we moved the pots to their winter quarters!

We will be removing the pots one weekend in the middle of February.

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