The last 2013 session on the allotment

A very chilly, windy and grey day for the last session on the allotment for 2013.

Over the last couple of weeks the allotment team have cut back the hazels to encourage the growth of straight branches for use as stakes,Coppicing the Hazels

done some edge straightening, kept the hoe going and weeded around the fruit trees on the communal strip.

Some of the wood surrounds on the raised beds were rotting so new timber has been bought and given a coat of preservative ready for installing in the new year.

Winter veg, leeks, kale, sprouts, cabbage and Daikon are still cropping though the Komatsuna is now over after the frost.

The team will meet up in the middle of January for a planning session as well as enjoying coffee and buns. The allotment team would like to wish all fellow allotment holders (and gardeners) an enjoyable Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

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