George’s Bulb Blog Friday 21 Feb 2014

With sunshine and mild weather in the past week things are moving on at a good pace. The Caley bulbs are starting to green up and the flower buds are beginning to be evident.Caley bulbs 21 Feb The hyacinths are well set and doing well. They still look a bit yellow but coming along nicely.

The bulbs were all fed last week and I will do the same again this week. A dilute solution of tomato feed which is high in potash is all I use.

My own pots of Trena and Tete a Tete have been moved outside into the full sun on the south side of the house.Pots outside

The foliage has grown a bit too tall and so the full sun and cooler temperatures outside may slow them down.

I may also move some of the other pots that are showing well developed flower buds outside just to hold them back a bit. There is a full month and more until the show so plenty time to fiddle and fuss.Georges own Daffodils

The Hyacinths and Tulips on the shelf are looking OK with the tulips starting to flag their first leaves ( this is where the leaves start to curl outwards and downwards). They will be left where they are meantime but may have to be brought into the house in about two weeks time to get them to full flowering.

Georges own Hyacinths Geroges own Tulips

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