George’s Bulb Blog Friday 28 Feb 2014

They say that a week is a long time in politics, seven days bring many changes in policy and intent. It is the same with my preparation of pots and blooms for this years Caley Show at the end of March. The weather this week has been mild once again and it was only a little frosty this morning causing me to have to scrape the car windscreen. The sunshine has lifted the temperature in the greenhouse in the middle of the day to around 20 degrees C . Just a bit on the warm side and as a consequence the foliage has stretched on my pots of daffs for cut flower. Pots moved outside to firm up foliageI have moved most of them outside to the south of the house in full sun in an attempt to firm up the foliage.

The pots of Tete a Tete are starting to flower and will have to be kept as cool and shaded as possible to keep them in reasonable condition for the end of March.Tete a Tete beginning to flower





Meanwhile the tulips are starting to show flower buds and the foliage is spreading and ‘flagging’ .

Flagging tulip foliage




The Hyacinths are starting to show a bit of colour and I will keep them in the glasshouse meantime And only bring them into the house for some extra heat when I am wanting to bring all the ‘Pips’ out on the Flowers.

The Caley bulbs are doing well and are turned every morning. The hyacinths are doing well but I have noticed that some of the bulbs have two flower shoots visible. I will wait for another week before I do the surgical removal bit!Caley pots

With all this sunshine and mild weather those pots that are getting too advanced will be moved into the shade and cool. All will be kept watered and fed.

I hope for some stability in the coming week.


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