George’s Bulb Blog week of 7th March 2014

I had been looking forward to my pots of Trena flowering this week. It should have been Trena but isnt They have strong foliage and a reasonable set of flower buds.  They flowered this week and lo and behold there has been a mix up.  What I hoped would be Trena, a Cyclamineus, cultivar has turned out to be something completely different. However they will still be grown and shown if they are still in good condition.

I think that we have developed a new form of hyacinth as well but more to that later.

The past week has been a mix of sunshine and dull weather. The temperatures in the cold glasshouse have been well up into the high 20’s C during the day and only down to single figures at night on rare occasions.  Consequently many of the pots that were housed in the glasshouse have been moved outside.  The tulips (Guiseppe Verde) are all starting to show colour and so some of the pots have been moved to the north of the house to keep them shaded and cooler.  All of the Hyacinths are now outside and while some are starting to show colour, stretch and open their flower pips I think that they may need to be brought into the heat of the house this week to get them to open in time for the Haddington show which is one week before The Caley Show.

Meanwhile my daffodils are looking reasonable.

Daffodils outside in the warm corner


I am a bit concerned that some of the flower buds do not seem to be filling out as well as I had anticipated and are looking a bit lack lustre.  I have been feeding them with tomato liquid feed which has a high potash content in order to intensify their flower colour.  I may cut back on that this week


The Caley bulbs are OK

Caley pots March 7th

The Hyacinths have had their extra flower spikes removedRemoving extra spikes

and the flower stalks left have really stretched to the heavens,  Hyacinthus Giraffes Pink.




The Tulips are starting to unfurl their leaves and the flower buds are just starting to become evident.  The pots of Daffodils are at various stages and some will need to be held back a bit while others will be left in the glasshouse to speed them up.

It it may be an early season for lots of plants but some cultivars of daffodils are a bit reticent to make any rapid growth. It is never easy.   Only three weeks to go, nearly panic time.

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