The last blog from George before the Spring Show!

It has been a bit too windy for my liking this week and pots have been swirled and flattened and blooms damaged despite my best efforts to keep them safe and secure.
Many had to be returned to the cold glasshouse overnight to save them from the worst of the wind. However with every day that passes there are new blooms appearing in the garden from bulbs planted out over the last three or four years. I hope to have something for the show.

Haddington Show is this weekend and I plan to have some cut flower for their show benches. I had covered some bulbs with fleece and hoops earlier in the season and today I picked a reasonable bunch of undamaged blooms from which surely I can select a vase or two.

Mrs Anderson’s Caley workshop bulbs are looking OK, although the hyacinths are a bit of a trial really as they have bolted as it were and have been in full flower for over ten days. We hope that they will last another week!!Caley pots
The daffodils are plugging along and some have had to be returned to the warmth of the house to get them to put out more flowers and colour. The Tulips are still slow and so have been placed in a nice warm sunny spot next to the French windows to get them to hasten.

I have included some before and after shots of three blooms to show what they were like just after picking and then once I had worked the blooms to get them to be at their best.
I hope you can spot the difference. All it requires is patience, warm hands, courage and time.


3 blooms ready for staging Almost there


And after:3 staged blooms

Side view of staging

The Caley Show is next Saturday and Sunday, put the date in your diary and make sure you come along to see the various displays.

Good luck to all, remember it is no use saying, ” I have a better one at home”. Get it on the show bench!!

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