Its good on the plot.

A day of no wind, mild and some sun so good to be on the plot.??????????

We did a lot of succession sowing of carrots, beetroot, and peas and some Greyhound cabbages brought on in pots were planted out. We are going to try and grow better carrots for showing this year using pipes in one of the tubs. The pipes were filled with a mixture of sand and sieved soil and two varieties sown – Sweet Candle which is a very popular one for showing and Kingston, also good for showing. The tub was covered with enviromesh to keep out the carrot fly.

Continuing the Biochar trial, the bed was planted with the same veg as last year – cabbages, variety Kilaton, onions Red Sun and Sturon and potatoes Pink Fir Apple and Sante. Last year there were significant differences in the weights of the cabbages and onions though not the potatoes so we shall see if that happens this year.

A lot of weeding was done in the comfrey bed, onion bed and along the grass path but still much waiting to be c??????????leared.

At home the broccoli and kale have been sown for next year’s crops and the courgettes, marrows, runner and French beans sown for planting out next month.

The rhubarb is cropping really well this year. We are growing several varieties including the new later one’ Livingstone’ which can be picked into the summer. We are picking Stockbridge Arrow for the first time and it is a monster variety but sweet and holds its shape well in cooking.

Jobs for next week: Weeding again; Watering the tubs; Stake the peas and beans

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2 Responses to Its good on the plot.

  1. playpitspark says:

    The only problem with rhubarb called Livingstone is that you have to hunt through the undergrowth for days before you find it

  2. alangwhittle says:

    I presume it had gone native?

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