This blog will focus on the Narcissus Paperwhite bulbs George Anderson (Caley Honorary President) picked up at the Caley lecture on Tuesday 4th November. But as the President (Pam) is posting the blog on his behalf she will add her own comments! (Comments from Pam will appear in italics!)

  • Stage one is part fill the pot with compost,  any multipurpose compost or bulb fibre will do.  (Pam: I only fill my pots 3/4 full but I also use any compost as these bulbs are very user friendly.)
  • Fill the pot to within about an inch of the rim and lightly firm. (Pam: I usually fill 3/4 full.)

George and Paperwhite (1)

Place the bulbs on top of the compost (Pam: OK)
George and Paperwhite (2)(Pam: So far so good!)

George and Paperwhite (3)

(Pam: Now this is where I don’t always do the same.  Paperwhites can  flower very easily so I often just leave the tips showing.  

George and Paperwhite (4)

(Pam: I also bought bulbs at the talk  and have planted them in the way I usually do with the tips showing and not covered – although admit I am not consistent in how I do things – but this year I will try to be!)  

As members of the Caley who receive the e-newsletter will see the Paperwhite guide is based on Pam’s usual approach. It will be interesting to see the results from this blog.

But the general message is – these are really user friendly bulbs and usually only take six weeks to flower.  Find out what works for you and enter the Caley Paperwhite competition we do it every year!




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