Updates from a dull and damp day at the allotment

Yesterday was a dull damp day which is fine to be out working but easy to get chilled.

The Willow Windbreak

The Willow Windbreak

This week a third section of the willow windbreak was done and strangely looking better from one side than the other.  The yellow colours of the stems look good and brighten up the plot, especially with the winter sun on them.




Late Fruiting Rhubarb

Late Fruiting Rhubarb

We planted the new late summer rhubarb this year.  It took time to settle but seems to be confused by the warm autumn since it is now putting out new leaves.  The autumn raspberry “All Gold” seems confused too since it has put forth new shoots as well as still fruiting on this years’ ones.  Next year there could be summer and autumn raspberries from it so we shall leave it and see if the summer ones have more flavour than the autumn ones.

More weeding was done and a clearing out of some unseen seedlings which have turned into unwanted plants so out came the Buddleja and some empire building raspberries!!

We had a special treat for lunch today with bean cake.  It was made using the beans we hadn’t managed to pick when young and which were dried off.  For the cake they were soaked and cooked, then added whole to an ordinary cake mix with some as decoration. Delicious.

Next week will be the last for this year and jobs will be more of the same.

See you on Thursday

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2 Responses to Updates from a dull and damp day at the allotment

  1. Old Dutch says:

    Odd weather! Froze v. hard in Currie yesterday afternoon, everything white and very cold. Brilliant, almost full moon last night and clear visibility.. All frost gone at 7am this morning, windy and overcast now after earlier sun, much less cold.

  2. Old Dutch says:

    Forgot to add: Stunning picture on the website heading. Taken at Romanno Bridge?

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