A little warmth in the sunshine despite a cold wind a blowing at the allotment

We had a close look at one of the two cherry trees, Summer Sun, which has bacterial canker. The first sign is lesions on the bark which are oozing gum and the affected branches die back. There was a lesion on the main trunk which was cut off so we could see the extent of the canker which proved to be through the tree. This lesion is more than half way up the trunk so the tree will have to come down and be burned unfortunately.

Canker lesion before being cut

Canker lesion before being cut

Bacterial Canker through stem of cherry tree

Bacterial Canker through stem of cherry tree

Cherry tree oozing gum

Cherry tree oozing gum







Canker affects stone fruits and is a common disease. If caught early enough, there is a chance to save the tree by cutting out the affected branches.

Another section of the willow windbreak was tackled but we are running short of willow so that will be the last section for this year.

The large tubs which had strawberry plants are going to be used for growing potatoes for showing this year. Potatoes grown in our ground develop scab so we shall fill the tubs with compost and hope for the scab-free skins needed for showing.

The spring sprouting broccoli is at the windier end of the plot this year and is showing signs of wind shear. The netting was blowing against the plants giving the pigeons a potential foothold so more and stronger staking was put in and the netting spread out further to give us a chance to enjoy the crop which only needs a few days warmth! to be ready to pick.

REMEMBER Bridgend Potato Day is on Sunday 22 February starting at 11am.

Jobs for next week
Continue with the loganberry training
Prune the fruit on the communal patch
Remember to dig up some artichokes

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