Hyacinth problems!

There are Hyacinth problems in the Anderson bulb world!!Feb23(1)


The pot of Hyacinths that came out of the plunge with two apparently healthy bulbs and the promise of some stems for cut flower. I photographed the pot today and noted that one flower spike was looking a bit pale and sickly.



Investigation reveals that it has rotted at the base and the spike has failed. Mrs A is a bit nonplussed. That leaves only one flower spike in the pot. It is a double header and will have to be reduced to one spike soon.

The tulips are a bit leggy and will remain in the cold glasshouse for the next day or two but have greened up well. They are already showing flower buds and may need to be moved outside to slow them down.



Caley daffodil pots

Caley daffodil pots

A little extra warmth and sunshine for some

A little extra warmth and sunshine for some.

Progress on the ones I planted earlier!

Progress on the pots I planted earlier!


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