Spring is Springing this week.

Spring is certainly Springing this week and the Caley Bulbs having spent two nights indoors have been put back out in the cold greenhouse.
The Tulips had produced some supplementary basal shoots( it would be these basal shoots that eventually make the bulbs for next year) Feb 27 image2and I have carefully removed them.

The Hyacinth meanwhile has had its extra flower spike removed so that there is only one per bulb.Feb27 image3
There are fewer pots in the glasshouse now as many have started to show flower buds.Feb27 image5
The pots that are most advanced have been placed out on the south side of the house where the cooler temperatures may slow them down a bit. Feb27 image6
Watering and feeding continues and I am watering about twice a week, both times with liquid feed.

Only FIVE weeks to go to the Caley Show.


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