Things are certainly moving on.

Well things are certainly moving on. Peeping Tom and Velocity, March6(1)two Cyclamineus cultivars are now in flower in the garden and may still be good show blooms by the end of the month.


However the Caley Tulips and the lone Hyacinth are perhaps too well advanced and will be put in the shade on the North of the house to hold them back.






The pots of Caley Daffs are starting to show strong flower buds and so will be kept ticking over during the coming week.



Meanwhile a pot of Hyacinths I have is showing what can happen when you arrive too late at the the Garden CentreMarch6(4) and select your bulbs from the boxes not knowing that other folks have been there before you and managed to mix them up.It is supposed to be a pot of Fondant a pink cultivar.



Hey Ho
Keep watering and feeding and above all Keep Smiling




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  1. Thanks George – you’ll never know how useful this blog is for those of us who are instinctive gardeners i.e make it up as they go along! Having something to compare with , despite being 600ft above sea level while you are near the coast, is so valuable.

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