A cloudy and windy day at the allotment

A cloudy day, and of course the wind was blowing, but not enough to stop us putting up the netting on the fruit cage.  The netting is several years old now and each year we have to do more ‘darning’. Maybe next year we shall replace it. Many hands make light work – or should!.

The buds on the cherries are still closed but it only needs a warm day for them to begin to open and attract any bullfinches in the area which delight in stripping them off.  The buds on the pears are always the first to open and that will happen any day now. Fleece will protect the flowers from any frost which often kills them and so no pears!!

The gooseberries are showing green too and the first growth is on all the rhubarb varieties, though ‘Victoria’ seems to disappeared. It was looking poor last year so a good time to try another variety.

Tom brought along onions and shallots grown from seed and already a good size. The soil is still cold so they have been left for a week to get used to Bridgend temperatures and we shall plant them next week.

Tom's onions and shallots hardening off

Tom’s onions and shallots hardening off

Harvesting of the purple sprouting broccoli

Harvesting of the purple sprouting broccoli

Superb clump of 'Tete a Tete' daffodils

Superb clump of ‘Tete a Tete’ daffodils






The attack on the alpine strawberries continued and we started a general hoe round the beds. We had an early lunch and then off since the forecast rain arrived but not before having the first pick of the purple sprouting broccoli.

Diary Dates

Saturday 14 March 10:00-15:00 at Saughton Park – Spring Fever event
A chance to come along and see the plans for the new Saughton Park and the Caley involvement including where the Caley offices would be and a growing area. The Caley will have a stall at the event.

This is the consultation period so all comments have to be in by 6 April. Online find the consultation questionnaire and booklet at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/saughtonpark.

Sunday 22 March 13:00-16:00 Bridgend Farmhouse Spring Open Day and AGM
There will be stories from previous owners of the farmhouse, fresh soup, consultation and discussion over plans so far, and tours of the site to see what has been going on there.
Sunday 22 March  Open Day for the Bridgend Farmhouse renovation project

Jobs for next week
Put down the black plastic
Plant the onions and shallots
Label the beds for rotation
Wire up the new fruit posts
Feed the fruit bushes on the communal area

See you on Thursday

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