Just when you think all is going well.

If it happens when you are asleep there is little you can do. Last night the March13(1)gutter overflowed during the heavy downpour we had and washed lots of soil out of the Hyacinth pot and battered the Tulips. Just when you think all is going well!!



March13(2)The Scamp Challenge pots are progressing and the buds are well developed. They may need some extra heat and sunshine to bring them out but fingers crossed they look on line.




The pots of Caley bulbs are also ticking along and with two full weeks to go until the Show should have some flowers out. The Crackington looks good with a fair crop of buds March13(3)and now needs to be turned every day to ensure that the spread of flowers is even.

Elsewhere the pots of cut flower Daffs are starting to show good colour with the first flowers on Kiwi Sunset and Jack Wood almost fully open.

Remembering that today is Friday 13 March I hope I have not asked for too much.
Keep up the watering and pray for some sun and warmth.


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