There has been very little sunshine lately

There has been little sunshine over the past few days and a high pressure system over Russia is causing a cool Easterly air flow over the UK. It is not helping the bulbs come into flower but is stopping some of the more advanced ones from going over.

The March17(1)Caley Bulbs have been into the house for a couple of days and so are now showing flower colour. Some of the pots are a bit scrappy but we will get something from them I am sure.




There is not much I can do that can really resurrect the lone Hyacinth but while the Tulips are well advanced they have been kept in the shade and have not yet opened. Fingers crossed they will hang on.




In the greenhouse a number of cultivars are showing colour but with little warmth they are slow and some pots may need to be taken into the house just to help move them on a bit quicker.

Pots out at the back of the house are looking OK with buds and colour well advanced on some and really they would all benefit from some sunshine and warmth.March17(4)

In the garden varieties such as Rapture (division 6) are showing classic Goose Neck stage and will be in flower in perhaps 7 days time.March17(5)

It is Haddington and Aberdeen shows this weekend coming. I may have something to put into Haddington, depends on the Russian High pressure and the the hoped for sunshine.

Must keep smiling

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