Good luck.

I wonder what this week will bring. I am away for a couple of days (Aberdeen and London) and then start the Show set up on Thursday so it is unlikely that there will be another post from the Bulb Blogmeister this week.March23(1)

The pots of blooms for the cut flower sections have been returned to the cold glasshouse to protect them from any inclement weather on the run up to the Show.


It is not until I got all the pots together in one place that I realised just how many permutations and possible combinations there could be. I must read the Show Schedule.

The Caley pots are in flower now and with some moss added to the top of the pots will look OK for the Show bench. They will all go to the show irrespective, it is their big day out!!
Make sure that you clean up the pots and get them ready for the show.
See you over the weekend. GOOD LUCK.

Off to make endless lists of classes and entries.
Hope this year’s blog has been of some use

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1 Response to Good luck.

  1. Many thanks Blogmeister. What would I have done without you! If I have anything for Friday ( and there’s not much at present) it will be down to you.

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