The first April report from the allotment team

Last week was a week of cold, even frosty nights, so any warming of the soil during the day disappeared at night. Even the soil in the tubs hasn’t warmed up over the week, nor under the black plastic so planting out the onion and shallot sets and early potatoes has been set to one side once again.

Thursday however, was bright and sunny and they finished wiring up the fruit posts for the loganberry which was tied in with the branches all to one side. Tying in the loganberriesThe new growth this season will all be trained to the other side of the wiring to keep them separate.

The fruit bushes were given a feed of blood fish and bone in the middle of February and today they each had a spadeful of compost to keep them growing well. The gooseberries and blackcurrant are now in leaf but the others still holding back and still no further growth on the rhubarb.

This cold spring makes gardening quite a waiting game but at home in the greenhouse the peas and beans are sprouting and will go into the ground as young plants. This way the team avoids the problem of direct sown ones being eaten by the mice. Later on in the season it is not such a problem as there is more food about for them!

The kale and broccoli for next winter and the summer cabbages and caulis are coming on too.

Jobs for next week:Planting out the onion/shallot sets and early potatoes; Prepare ground for carrot




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