April allotment report

Summer seemed to have arrived last week so there was a lot of action on the plot. The onion sets were all planted out, Sturon and a white onion which is new to us; Planting out onion setstwo rows of early potatoes put in – Winston and Casablanca – and put under fleece to keep up the soil temperature and keep them growing as well as possible, and the first of the rows of carrots were put in – Amsterdam Forcing and Nantes. Carrots like sandy soil so a trench is dug out and the soil sieved and sand added – another couple of years and we shall have sieved all the veg beds!

We are growing potatoes for show – variety Winston- in the tubs this year so they were put in too, three in each tub and netting put over them to deter whatever has been digging holes in the soil.

The leeks were planted out – variety King Richard – in the winter veg bed.

Tom has planted out his giant onions and leeks for showing and will be putting in peas as well later on.

The few days of warmth has made such a difference to the fruit – the blossom is just about to burst on the plums but interestingly the pear blossom is still behind and normally it is first to bloom. All the daffodils and other spring flowers are in bloom too and make the plot a riot of colour.The plot waiting

 Jobs for next week: Sowing beetroot, turnips, swedes, potatoes, broad beans, peas;
Water the tubs


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