A sunny but cold day on the allotment

Although it was sunny it was not warm enough to take off our jackets. Everything has benefited from the heavy rain earlier in the week. The germination of the turnips is good and the carrots and beetroot are just beginning to show.

The grass had a cut and the edges trimmed. Ian has now planted out his sweet peas for a glorious show later in the year.

You do need to plan ahead for growing vegetables so today the sprouting broccoli and the kale, variety ‘Pentland Brig’ for winter cropping were planted out from seed sown in early April.  This years’ purple sprouting broccoli is now over so the plants were dug up.

Beautiful apple blossom, variety 'Sunset'

Beautiful apple blossom, variety ‘Sunset’

Dwarf Broad beans

Dwarf Broad beans






The apple blossom is quite magnificent this year. However the summer raspberries are not looking too good.

Raspberriess lose their vigour after around 9 years so need replaced and planted in a different part of the plot. Ours have been in now for 8 years but over the last couple of years have had leaf problems.  This year they don’t have many flower buds and have some dead canes so we shall need to look at replacing them this autumn.

Jobs for next week
Sowing parsnips, fennel, scorzonera
Prepare the ground for more carrot sowing
Weeding among the onions

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