And still the days are cold on the allotment

And still the cold days and colder nights stay with us so the growth on the plot is slow but it is happening.

The first leaves of the early potatoes are through so they were earthed up to protect them from any frost.

The soil round the onions and leeks had become quite weedy so that was dealt with.

Autumn planted onions

Autumn planted onions

weeding around the onions

Weeding around the onions






More planting out today for winter vegetables with Brussel sprouts, black kale and winter savoy cabbages put in. Swedes are a much under-rated winter vegetable which we haven’t grown recently but it’s back to basics this year and a row was sown and two trenches filled with sieved soil with some added sand were dug out ready for succession sowing carrots and parsnips next week.

The beetroot and carrots sown a few weeks ago are just now beginning to show. The turnips sown at the same time have grown enough to thin out so that was also done today.

At home, the courgette and marrow seeds and the sweetcorn have germinated and will be a good size for planting out around the middle of June, hopefully, the weather should have warmed up by then.

Jobs for next week
Sow the carrots and parsnips
Sow the Japanese vegetables
Weeding of course
See you on Thursday

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