Day Two of the Caley Study Tour

One of the benefits of a Caley study tour is that the Tour Leader (Sally in our case) does a lot of careful planning to provide a lot of interest and variety and today was no exception.  Our first visit of the day was to Craichlaw, a private garden set in extensive grounds.  Even before we got to the garden the courtyard roses caught the eye.Craichlaw(6a)

Criachlaw gravel garden(a)






Round the corner to the back of the house were the formal gardens and a stunning gravel terrace garden.  The gravel showcases individual plants far more effectively than the picture below shows.



An outstanding yet personal garden clearly a garden that was both beautiful, used and enjoyed.

The afternoon visit was to Cally Gardens.  In many ways this garden is quite hard to describe as it is both a plant collection and nursery.  What is the best way to describe a 2.7 acre walled garden with many unusual perennials amongst the many thousands of perennials? Everywhere you looked there was something!
Cally(3a)Cally(4a)Cally (Eryngium a)Cally(7a)

Cally (Paris quadrifolia a)







My previous visit had in September time so many of plants in bloom today were quite different.






And as the time to think about heading back drew closer – the queue in the nursery became steadily longer.

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