Everyday on the study tour is interesting – Day 3

When you visit Logan Botanic Garden you sometimes have to pinch yourself to remember you are still in Scotland!  The garden benefits from an extremely mild climate and has a very effective shelter belt which help protects from the strong winds.  There was much to see:  A stunning walled garden complete with tree ferns and palms; Logan (1a)
A woodland walk and a stunning new glasshouseLogan Woodland Walk (2)
Logan glasshouse

But the mild conditions allow a different selection of  trees, shrubs and perennials to flourish.

Echium nervosum (Logan) a



The Echium nervosum with their tall stems of blue flowers were stunning and a target for bees.
The under planting in the walled garden brought some stunning colour into the garden including things like:  Europys pectinatus  and Xerochrysum subundultum.

Euryops pectinatus (a)

Xerochyrsum subundulatum (Logan a)

The woodland garden planting included Bottlebrush (Callistemum salignus)Callistemon salignus (Logan) a

Olearia phlogopapa (Logan) Dusty Daisy Bush a


Olearia phlogopapa




and a red carpet created by Rhododendron Grenadier.

Carpet of Rhododendron Grenadier petals (Logan) a


Logan’s location means you have to make a special effort to visit.  But it is well worth the effort.



Our second visit of the day was to Glenwhan a stunning 12 acre garden created from moorland by Tessa Knott over a 30 year period. Glenwhan (3a)

Two lakes provide a stunning focal point forming the heart of the garden with paths encircling at a  lower garden walk and higher woodland walk.

Basking in the sunshine - Hebe at Glenwhan aGlenwhan (a)

Kalmia latifolia (possibly 'Minuet') Glenwhan a

A favourite spot for me was the smaller pond area: Glenwhan (2a)Small pon at Glenwhan

Water Lily (Glenwhan a)

Another inspiring day.

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