Exploring private gardens is a particular pleasure on a study tour as it helps to see plants in context, with elements you might be able to relate to your own gardens.  On the fourth day of the tour our visit started in a private garden near Dumfries, DunesslinDunesslin House

There are fine views from the terrace of the house – complete with ha-ha but it was the garden area and interconnected garden rooms (hedged) with strongly perfumed air from the roses, honeysuckle and Philadelphus which drew much attention. Dunesslin House roses Dunesslin House(1)










Whilst I am known for my dislike of Alchemilla Mollis it has been an effective and common feature in all the gardens we have visited during the past week.

Alchemilla Mollis 1But I think Mrs Milligan’s control of Alchemilla Mollis on the terrace was quite the most impressive –she mows it!


Dunesslin 2






But this is a garden that is created with care and with  passion as well as clearly enjoyed by all the family.

The afternoon visit, again to a private garden, was to nearby Newtonaird Lodge.  A garden that was surprisingly different to what I had expected.

I knew the garden had a national collection of fragrant flowering hostas Hostasand that there were other interesting plants in the gardenNewtonaird1 but I had not quite expected the profusion and delightful mix of shrubs, perennials and vegetables as well as hostas.  Hostas 2

James described himself as being passionate about Hostas and plants that produce fragrance and Carol passionate about all plants.  And their passion showed.  Newtonaird 2

The Hostas were remarkably damage free and clearly labelled, which for visiting horticulturalists/gardeners is a real bonus.Newtonaird4





A simply wonderful garden and so difficult to take on-board the fact that this garden (and house) had been very seriously affected by flooding in 2009, 2011 and 2013 when the river flowed across fields and travelling along the road for about a quarter of a mile before entering their home and garden to devastating effect. Today however, the sun was shining.Newtonaird 3


End note of the day: We have been staying at Barony College and after dinner  the onsite Horticulturist took us for a quick visit to the walled garden area which is is grossly underutilised at the moment but has such potential.  (More another time on this topic.)

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