The week is nearly over….

Today was a pretty full day with four very different gardens. The started with rain but very soon after we arrived at Elizabeth MacGregor’s nursery at Kirkcudbright the weather improved.      The nursery has a walled garden area where you can see many of the lovely cottage garden plants she grows.  Elizabeth McG

Elizabeth McG (1)But the main attraction many of us was the nursery.

The lunch stop was in the centre of Kirkcudbright  with a visit to the secluded and delightful National Trust for Scotland garden at Broughton House.  Broughton House (4)A hidden gem which clearly shows you do not need a large garden – as there were many sections of the garden that would stand alone very successfully.Broughton House (3)

Afternoon came and we set off to see two private gardens in Kirkcudbright.  The first, The Limes, is a relatively new garden as the 1.2 acre garden was effectively started from scratch 7 years ago.

The Limes (2)

This garden is an excellent example of what can be achieved with passion and hard work, plus a commitment to self sufficiency as the vegetable section was extremely impressive and very productive.

The LimesThe last visit of the day was to Glenlivet, just a short distance away – another relatively new garden created from scratch with passion and enthusiasm.  

Packed with plants and very carefully tended.

.Glenlivet (1)Glenlivet




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