15th July report from the allotment

We do try to be wildlife friendly apart from the traditional enemies – rabbits and pigeons so we were delighted to see today we have the local pheasant nesting on our plot. She has a clutch of ten eggs and was not phased by us being around although we kept a good distance from her. We may not be so pleased when her young are looking for food but a warm feeling at the moment.Nesting pheasant


Weeding was the first job as we cleared another couple of beds. The grass had another cut and the frame was stabilised in its new position which will mean we can make better use of it.

Then on to the harvesting. The cauliflowers were ready to be picked all at the same time despite our efforts to have a succession. They were not very big because of the cabbage root fly but small is also good.

Cherries ripening fast

Cherries ripening fast



The rasperries had their first picking, still more strawberries, the second and last picking of the blackcurrants and the gooseberries are ready too.





We had another picking of the purple mangetout and young broad beans, and the sweet peas are exhibition sized.

Sweet Peas galore

Date for the Diary – Open Day Sunday 30 August 2pm-4pm

Jobs for next week:Weeding;Harvesting;Turn the compost heap if time.

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