Sunshine on the allotment….at last

A bright and sunny day but not warm for the time of year. Still even with the poor summer weather, the growth on the fruit and vegetables has been wonderful. Only the courgettes and marrows are showing signs of missing the sunshine and heat.

It's harvest time

It’s harvest time

Picking the fruit took up most of the time today. There has been an amazing cherry crop but unfortunately the skin has split on most of them due to the rain we have had though they are fine for all sorts of delicious puddings. The raspberries are in full flow and we are still picking strawberries. The Tayberry and Loganberry are almost ready so were netted today and the new growth is long enough to be tied in to the wires.


Uncovering the potatoes

Uncovering the potatoes

The onion harvest

The onion harvest

The remainder of the early potatoes were dug up. In fact the ground is so soft and well worked that it is just as easy to find them with your hands, that way you don’t spear any!


The grass had another cut and the Brussel sprouts given stout stakes.

The onions from this year’s planting were dug up, tied in bunches and hung from the top rail of the fruit cage to dry off in the sun.  Let’s hope it stays sunny!!!

The leeks are showing a worrying tendency to go to seed, we pulled up half a dozen today. This can happen if they are planted too early in the season and ours did go in earlier than usual.

Don’t forget….Date for the Diary – Open Day Sunday 30 August 2pm-4pm

Thank you to all who handed in jars, I have enough for the moment.

Jobs for next week
Finish lining the compost heap
Turn the compost heap
Pick the fruit and vegetables

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