Last day on allotment before Open Day this Sunday….

Last day before our Open Day on Sunday so it was all hands on deck doing a final tidying up of the beds and grass cutting.

We have been growing carrots in a tub for showing and did some thinning of these.  They were not show size but they are good and straight.  It is still a couple of weeks before the Dalkeith Show so we will see how they do.

The strawberries are finished now so time to cut off all the old leaves to remove any infection and give the new leaves a chance to grow.  We are still picking raspberries though now, mostly form the later variety Octovia.

We have left the summer pruning so George Anderson can use our fruit for demonstrating the techniques on Open Day but next week we will need to finish the job.

Time to plant the spring cabbage and if, like us, you didn’t get any sown earlier, you can buy the in Garden Centres.  We have some red spring cabbage this time too.  We have had cabbage root fly for the first time this year too.  Since the plants are small the advice is to grow them on in pots to get a good root system going and this will help them withstand any attack by the root fly.

Even though there has been rain, the ground round the tayberry, loganberry and brambles is dry so we put the hose on and gave the soil a good soak to help the berries plump up.

My own ripening berries

My own ripening berries








Open Day Sunday 30 August 14:00 – 16:00.
There will be teas, produce and jams. All are welcome.
Summer Fruit Pruning workshop taken by George Anderson.

The Dalkeith Show is Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 September at Dalkeith High School.
Saturday 13:00 – 16:30 and Sunday 12:00 – 16:30

I forgot my camera so no photos this week, sorry.

Jobs for next week
Finish the fruit pruning
Clear out the old strawberry plants
Weed the fruit cage
Start to clear the area round the hazels

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