Allotment update week ending Sunday 6 September

We had the annual Open Day on Sunday and George Anderson gave a much appreciated workshop on the basics of summer pruning of fruit.  So today we moved to finish the job starting with taking off all the old leaves on the strawberry plants down to the crown, leaving the new leaves which are starting to show.  We kept a few runners of each variety to give new plants for continuity in two years’ time.

The gooseberries were pruned and the old canes on the summer raspberries cut out. The number of new canes is rather sparse in places and a sign possibly that their time is up being ten years old now. The new leaves are showing signs of yellowing so we followed the advice to give them a dose of Epsom salts. We will keep them another year and keep up with the feeding and watering and see what next summer brings.

Good crop of cooking apples

Good crop of apples

There had been a good crop of apples but too many for the dwarfing rootstock of the apple trees so they were thinned out. Only one of the pears had a crop this year, small but at least we had some. They were picked for ripening off at home so there is a chance of eating them when ripe.

The comfrey had its second cut of the year and the leaves went on to the compost heap.

The last of the potatoes are still in the ground but time yet to dig these out as long as we do it before the autumn rains start and the keel slugs are active.



The broad beans are now over so they were cut down but the new growth with flowers at the base of the plants was left to see if we can get a second crop.

Broad Beans

Broad Beans

The frame was moved a couple of month ago to a lighter and sunnier spot so we can put it to better use. We shall start by sowing some winter salad crops but that will have to be next week now.

There are still plenty of vegetables to be picked. It has been a good carrot crop and the beetroot have done very well. The runner beans are a little late but getting into production now and the dwarf French beans are doing fine.


The courgettes have not done well there has not been enough sun or water but the round variety Eclipse has gone down well with the tasters.

Remember the Dalkeith Show is 12/13 September at Dalkeith High School.
Saturday 13:00-16:30 and Sunday 12:00-16:30

Jobs for next week
Sow winter salads in frame
Dig up the potatoes
Weeding in the fruit cage and round the hazels

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