Another warm and sunny day at the allotment

Another warm and sunny day giving us a splendid autumn on the allotment but the ground is really dry so each week the hose is out to plump up the soft fruits and keep the brassicas, beans and courgettes growing well. The compost heap is building up and looking dry so it had a water too.

The lack of rain is good for the autumn raspberry crop and there are still plenty of fruits waiting to ripen. The potatoes were lifted today and dried off for storage in paper sacks. Potatoes crops - Mayan Gold, Sarpo Blue, Arran Victory, Cara, Pink Fir Apple 2015The peas are now over and they were cut down and put on the compost heap.

The frame is in a sunnier position now and with some compost added to the soil we could sow some veg for autumn into winter use: lettuce, radishes, mizuna and pak choi. Some broad beans will be put in later to overwinter for an early spring crop.

Jobs for next week
Take down the fruit cage netting
Check the apples for ripening
Weeding in fruit cage and round hazels
Dig in the green manures before flowering
Pot on the strawberry runners – Remember to label
Root the shoots from the apple rootstock for grafting
Tie in new shoots on soft fruit

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