Preparing for Spring starts now.

George has just potted up his first set of bulbs and put them into his plunge.
This year he has used a mix of 50/50 Plantermix from Garden Solutions and Dalefoots Wool and Bracken compost which is high in Potash. It will be interesting so see how they do.

First plants are in 1

He has covered the pots with about 15cms (6″) of old compost and a scattering of slug pellets they have all been well watered and put to bed.Ready for the plunge

They will be lifted either on January 25th or Valentines Day.

The next post from George will be in January 2016.  In the meantime don’t forget the Bulb workshop which is planned for 24th October 10:30 – 12 at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Nursery.  The cost, to cover the cost of the bulbs, will be around £24 and will enable anyone taking part to enter a good range of classes at the Spring Show next April.  You do not need to know what to do.

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