Work continues on the allotment despite the weather

After the rain of the past couple of days the sun shone for us on the allotment and soon dried off the fruit and vegetable. By the early afternoon the grass was dry enough for what might be the last cut of the season.

Autumn Fruit and Veg

Autumn Fruit and Veg

We finally managed a start on weeding round the hazels. The marguerites have taken hold and the green alkanet, and the michaelmas daisy is attempting to do the same so time to have a clear out. There are still plenty of flowers on the plot for the bees.

The storage area for the canes and fencing is now tidy and the rotten wood waiting for the bonfire.


The boysenberry has done well this year and put out a lot of new shoots so time to train these and tie them in.

Apple Rootstock Charles Ross

Apple Rootstock Charles Ross

The shoots from the rootstock of one of the apples, Charles Ross, was left so we could root it and try using it as rootstock for grafting. A half 2 litre pot has been tied round it and filled with soil and all being well it will be ready for growing on in a year.

We are still picking the autumn raspberries, runner beans, beetroot and carrots and today had the last of the sweetcorn. The brassicas have enjoyed the summer weather and the first of the Brussel sprouts are ready.




Jobs for next week

Plant out autumn onion sets
Continue weeding round the hazels and elsewhere

See you on Thursday

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1 Response to Work continues on the allotment despite the weather

  1. Allotmental says:

    Nice update. The ground seems wet most of the time now. Autumn is here!

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