A very damp morning at the Allotment…then the sun came out

Working on the raised beds

Working on the raised beds

It was a damp morning with a very heavy shower but we managed to do a lot of work on replacing the rotten boards in the raised beds. They are all now in place waiting to be fixed to the pegs next week and then the sun was out by late morning.

This years’ raspberry canes were tied in to the wire to keep them secure in the winter winds, a long and tedious job.  There must be a better way! This is definitely the last season for these raspberries. There are not as many new canes as we would like and some of them are pretty spindly. We need to work out where a new set could be put since it is better they are in a different piece of ground. They need sun but we don’t want them shading other crops since they grow to about 6 feet.


The apple mint has invaded along the hazels but it had a good cull leaving some pieces and another of the spring cabbages has succumbed to cabbage root fly. The others are looking healthy though, so far.

Seed heads on the leeks

Seed heads on the leeks

Some of the seed heads on the bed of leeks, which went to seed, have started producing pips or tiny leeks. These are clones so come true to form and are prized by onion growers wanting to keep a good strain going. The pips are taken off and planted out.

Jobs for next week

Finish the raised beds
Change one of the tubs to a compost bin

Plant out the strawberry runners to grow on


See you on Thursday

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