A very wet day at allotment

Everything was dripping when we arrived this morning but it stayed dry until lunchtime so we got through some of the jobs on the list.
Apples, variety Adam's Pearman

Apples, variety Adam’s Pearman

The remaining apples were picked including the latest variety we have, Adam’s Pearman, and the last of the redcurrants too. We still managed a tasting of the autumn raspberries but this may well be the last week for these.

The rotten sides to the raised beds have all now been replaced with new planks and secured.

For the last few seasons we have been growing vegetables in tubs but the results have not been particularly good because they are mostly only watered once a week. We decided to empty one of the tubs and use it as a compost bin which is what it was made for. Our compost heaps are in a shady part so by putting the bin in a sunny spot, we will get faster rate of decomposition. The other tub will be used for growing carrots which do reasonably well in a shadier spot.

The other news is that the Bridgend Farm project have received funding of almost £1 million so are all set to go.  They are having a Christmas Fayre on Sunday 6 December from 13:00 – 15:00 and have asked if the Caley would like a stall. Can anyone offer to help run a Caley stall?

Jobs for next week
Plant out the strawberry runners on ridges
Prune back the willows depending on leaf fall

Finish off the tidying and weeding

Clean, oil and sharpen the tools

See you next Thursday

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