A mild and sunny day on the allotment

A mild and sunny day made it a pleasure to be on the allotment and we found a sunny spot to lunch in.

We finished cutting back the willows and cleaned and sharpened all the tools. The Allotment Committee has arranged for the delivery of leaves again so there will be a good amount of leaf mould in a year or so’s time. We filled some black plastic bags with leaves, piercing the bags to let in air, to see if the leaves will rot down quicker.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes


Harvesting first parsnip









The first parsnip was dug up and the first of the Jerusalem artichokes.  All a good size and had a picking of sprouts, chard and kale.  There are still plenty of onions and potatoes left and a few apples.

Rhubarb - New late variety

Rhubarb – New late variety

We put in a new variety of rhubarb this year which is supposed to give stalks for picking from late summer on. It is still looking good, though this could be down to the mild autumn. We haven’t picked any stalks since it is still a young plant.

February Pruning Workshop – Sunday 7 February at 14:00. To be taken by George Anderson

Jobs for next week
Light pruning of hazels
Repair the willow windbreak

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